Apple Inc. (AAPL)

$168.49 -6.23

41,663,465 Shares Traded
44,807,135 Average Volume (last 30 days)

As of December 7, 2018 EST IEX Real-Time Price

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# of Bullish Price Indicators: 0

# of Bearish Price Indicators: 2

Price Lower than 50 Day SMABearishStock Price of $168.49 is lower than the 50 Day Moving Average of $205.51
Price Lower than 200 Day SMABearishStock Price of $168.49 is lower than the 200 Day Moving Average of $193.3

Technical Corner as of 12-07-2018 Close

Bullish signal line crossover detected
Stochastic Oscillator detected a bullish set up. Momentum is potentially changing
Aroon Oscillator detected strong downtrend (Around -96)
Bullish CCI signal (-102.13)

*Note Yahoo and others may use different EMA starting points, timelines, etc so some indicators may not match. Technically speaking, both are valid.

Candlestick Formations Over Last 10 Days as of: 12-07-2018 Close

12-03-2018Bearish Hanging Man Reversal[More Indicator Matches]
11-26-2018Bullish Hammer Reversal[More Indicator Matches]

Data Points to Pay Attention to:

200 Day Moving Average$193.3
50 Day Moving Average$205.51
FundamentalsAs always, it's generally a good idea to do fundamental research before any purchase or sale.

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PriceChange%Performance last 5 daysPerformance last month Performance last 3 monthsPerformance Year to DatePerformance last 12 months
AAPL $168.49-3.57%-5.65%-13.23%-22.56%-0.72%-0.96%
XLK $64.60-3.52%-4.92%-4.13%-12.18% 0.79% 2.1%
SPY $263.57-2.32%-4.38%-3.3%-8.1%-0.65% 0.77%

AAPL Insider Trades: A or D means Acquisition or Disposition
DateA/DTrans. TypeShare #RelationName
11-19DS-Sale3,408Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
11-13DM-Exempt14,371Officer: SVP, GC and SecretaryAdams Katherine L.
11-13DF-InKind7,019Officer: SVP, GC and SecretaryAdams Katherine L.
11-13AM-Exempt14,371Officer: SVP, GC and SecretaryAdams Katherine L.
10-15DM-Exempt1,592Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
10-15DM-Exempt2,072Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
10-15DM-Exempt2,144Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
10-15DM-Exempt992Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
10-15DF-InKind3,281Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
10-15AM-Exempt6,800Officer: Principal Accounting OfficerKONDO CHRIS
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Insider Acquisitions Over Last Week

SymbolNumber of AcquisitionsNumber of SharesPosition Total

Insider Dispositions Over Last Week

SymbolNumber of Dispositions Number of SharesPosition Left

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